How to find a missing song?


I have a rather large library of almost 30k songs and all of them synced fine to Astiga, except for one.

In my Google Drive, I have 28912 mp3 and 283 flac files. However, Astiga shows 29194 songs in total, so one song's missing.

What would be the best way to find what song is missing from Astiga, so I can debug why it is not uploaded?



  • Using the log file. It´s the best way. Search for an error or something on the log.

  • Already tried it, and the log does not show any errors. However, it does show one song being imported twice (although only one copy of that song appears in Astiga).

  • KoenKoen Member, Former

    My guess would be that you have two files which have the same name when stripped of accents and case, and that Google Drive accepts both of them next to each other. Astiga stores your library as unique triples: (user identifier, storage, path). So (42, "Google Drive", "/a/b/c/xyz.mp3"). The path is case insensitive and also accent insensitive. So if you have two files, but with different casing and/or accents, then they will appear as the same file (thus only included once). E.g. "/a/b/c/xyz.mp3" is the same as "/à/B/ç/xYZ.Mp3".

    That would also be why it is added twice, because the synchroniser just checks whether the two match exactly, so including case.

  • @Koen Thanks, this was indeed the case. The song in question was indeed duplicated in Google Drive: same path and same name except for only accented character different (š versus s).

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