Artist pages and artists list bugs when having solo/sub-units which are part the group

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So, a decent amount of artist I listen to are groups which sometimes get sub-units or some solo releases from members while also still being in the group. In those cases I always add the solo/sub-unit name as the track artist and the group as the album artist. This causes the album to appear on the full group page which while the songs are credited and scrobbled as the solo/sub-unit, which is great! Please do keep that!

But I found out than if the alphabetically first album is a solo/sub-unit, the page display's that name as artist name instead of the group name. For example, the page from Mamamoo is called Moon Byul on the artist page, but Mamamoo in every other place (Mamamoo would be the correct name anywhere), just because "Dark Side Of The Moon" (Moon Byul's solo album) comes before "Melting" (the alphabetically first Mamamoo album on my OneDrive). As can be seen here, Mamamoo can be found at artists starting with M, but the page displays Moon Byul.

Also, in the list with artists, track artists can't be found (as seen above, there is no artist called Moon Byul), but when browsing trough songs and albums the page does exist. Like this is the actual Moon Byul page (instead of the Mamamoo page called Moon Byul). It would be nice to have track artists also shown when searching artists.

I also remember in the past, the group page used to show the solo-sub-units as tags you could easily click on to go to the respective solo/sub-unit's work only. I don't know why it's gone but it would be great if it could come back.

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    Maybe you're still busy and I'm looking halfway, but I just noticed that now suddenly all solo/sub-unit artists are tagged on the group page again, but on the recently added page the group is credited instead of the solo/sub-unit. (These albums are solo albums by Solar and Moon Byul, who are both part of Mamamoo, but the rest of Mamamoo is not part of these albums).

    The tracks are tagged correctly tho, and the page itself is called Mamamoo now, so that's also good. So aside of the fact the artists are still not being found in the artist page (there is still no Moon Byul under the M), everything is good beside the "Overview" page.

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    Will look into it. I probably made a mistake in the pages. Basically there are two versions /band/ABBA and /artist/ABBA (which you can see in the URL), and I would presume the first happened on the artist page, and the second on the band page?

  • I always used a desktop application build with nativefier/electron so I went back to check what shows at what URL and it explains a bit what's going on I guess.

    The /band/mamamoo page works correctly and perfectly like the second post.

    Artist that are track artists but don't appear as album artist aren't found on /artists/list. It would be great if track artists would also appear here.

    Then it get's complex:

    The /artist/mamamoo is like the first post. The page mentions Moon Byul as name instead of Mamamoo despite the URL saying /artist/mamamoo, I suspect because the first album has Moon Byul as track artist on each track. It would be great if the /artist/mamamoo would get the correct name.

    Moon Byul and Solar their solo albums are mentioned here as well as albums of Mamamoo, but the links/tags to Moon Byul's and Solar's page aren't here.

    It would be best if it could only mention albums where the majority of track artists (I sometimes have albums with one or two solo tracks and otherwise group tracks, so it would have to be the majority of tracks over all tracks or those albums disappear) are mamamoo, while the /band/mamamoo mentioning all albums with mamamoo as album artist would be great.

    The /overview page thinks the solo albums are from Mamamoo instead of from Moon Byul & Solar. Probably because Mamamoo is set as album artist and Moon Byul & Solar are set as track artist. However, I'm near certain that in the past the track artist would be mentioned. It would be great if albums who's track artist is the same on each track (but different from the album artist) could be named by track artist.

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    @gravelld You asked me some time ago if there were treads for all my requests and bugs. I got some spare time so I figured I'll go by them, tagging you in those existing and still relevant as they can be a bit old.

    This one is still buggy. To stick with the examples above: is showing up correct is not showing solo songs on group albums. is showing correct. shows "Moon Byul" (track artist of the first album) as title/h2 instead of Mamamoo (who the URL belongs to) doesn't show artists that are only track artists but not album artists (so you can't find Moon Byul in the list).

    For clarity. Moon Byul is one of the 4 members of the group Mamamoo. Moon Byul has a solo album. In order to also show them in Mamamoo's page I made Moon Byul the track artist, and Mamamoo the album artist. This way, you can find solo work from active group members in the group page (/artist/Mamamoo), yet also filter solo work by artist (/artist/Moon%20Byul). There are quite some groups in my library where members have solo work while part of the group (or even a solo track on a group album), as well as groups who have sub-units.

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