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First of all Koen, can I say a great piece of software Astiga is for music lovers. Like a lot of users, following the withdrawal of Google Music I've been looking for something that lets me play MY music instead of thrusting suggestions down your throat.

Just after an understanding of how your software deals with the sorting and display aspects in terms of the Artist and Album Artist. I see that bands with "The" at the beginning have that ignored are are alpha placed according to the next word ie "The Clash" are shown as "The Clash" under C and not in T.

However it is where the data in these tags is a persons name, say Bryan Adams. Along with the afore mentioned tag fields I also utilise the Artist Sort and Album Artist Sort tag fields to "file" the track / album in a structure to my want. Using Bryan Adams as an example:

Artist: Bryan Adams ~ Album Artist: Bryan Adams ~ Artist Sort: Adams, Bryan ~ Album Artist Sort: Adams, Bryan

Using these sort fields puts the entry under A rather than B.

Is there / could there be the option for Astiga to utilise these fields as a user choice, sorting in the back ground by the desired sort filed but showing the Artist / Album Artist tag entry so that the display is akin to the "The" situation eg

Adam and the Ants

Bryan Adams


Keep up the good work



  • KoenKoen Member, Former

    Good idea, frankly I was not aware that there even was a separate tag for determining the sort order, so it currently is not taken into account at all.

    I have moved it to the feature requests section, so that the others can vote on it as well. I am not sure how many use this field (or even know of its existence).

  • Thanks for the reply. Hopefully it will get support

  • Chiming in to voice my support too. I listen to a lot of hip hop so I use the artist field for the artist and any featured guests and album artist for the main artist. Currently in the web player if I browse by artist, I get a bunch of extra artist entries because the default artist view displays artist rather than album artist.

    Having user choice would be really awesome to deal with situations like this.

    Otherwise, totally loving this app!

  • So turns out that when I was importing my library the album artist value was somehow getting dropped for some of my albums. I was able to use the metadata editor to re-add the value into the album artist field and now everything is displaying as it should. Looks like the artists field is actually defaulted to displaying album artist so disregard my previous comment lol

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