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So I'm not a big fan of using snap store, so I made my own desktop app. Very simple one using nativefier (so Electron based), but functional. I uploaded it to the AUR, so all Arch users (and distro's based on Arch, like Manjaro) can install and use it:

Anyways, I'm wondering, will you mention it (as an unofficial third party) app on the apps page? I know I'm not the only Arch/Manjaro fan who's not too keen on using snap store packages, so I figured it might be some nice extra exposure/compatibility for you too with minimal effort considering I maintain it.

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    Little update, I added it to the AUR. Should be working with you favourite AUR helper, or of course manually installing it, like any other AUR package.

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  • gravelldgravelld Administrator

    Sorry, I wasn't aware of this (fully).

    I've added this for the next upload (probably next week).

  • Cool!

    I noticed your buttons look much better than mine. For me it's just centralized text. Especially on wide screens that looks quite horrible. Is this also in the new update, or is it something with (perhaps) my browser (using Firefox, it's same on Windows as Linux).

  • gravelldgravelld Administrator

    Yeah, I fixed that at the same time.

  • AUR package has been updated to open on the regular homepage instead of the /overview page, considering the new update places that functionality at the regular homepage.

  • gravelldgravelld Administrator

    Oh, cool!

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