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I like this app, and I feel like I've tried all of the clouds players or there. The one feature I really like is the building of the library from Google drive. However, when I attempt to shuffle an individual genre ( say, jazz) where I have over 4000 tracks, the app only build a playlist of 166 tracks. It is always 166 regardless of how many times I try.

Is this an intentional limitation? Or a setting I can adjust somewhere?



  • KoenKoen Member, Former

    Which one are you using? Library -> Genres -> Jazz -> Shuffle button, or Library -> Shuffle -> Jazz? Because I think the latter should do what you want (it does continuous shuffle).

  • Wow. I had been going via "genre", and was getting a very short playlist, but going via shuffle first delivers what looks like the whole playlist. Amazing, thank you.

  • Mm, I spoke too soon... Going Library - Shuffle - Jazz seems to create a playlist of 100 entries only?! Or does it shuffle again when it gets to the end of that?

    Regards nick Heitz

  • KoenKoen Member, Former

    If you press Shuffle by, and then select Jazz, it should go to the Now playing view, where it says "Shuffle mode" (it will say so below "Now playing"). It will add new songs after the last song.

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