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What happened in Google Play. Why does the Astiga App only have 3.7 because of soooo many ones 1? It it a really nice app. Certainly it is people from the very first version that were for some reason unhappy, but this is so sad that it shows up like this. Hopefull you can soon get a better visibility and results ! You deserve it.


  • KoenKoen Member, Former

    I have turned off notifications for reviews, so I cannot tell you what the recent reasons are. However, I believe most 1-star reviews boil down to the following:

    People search on Google Play for an app to play music from their cloud storage, and one of the results they find is Astiga. They download Astiga, and then they find out that it requires an account (because Astiga isn't an app, Astiga has an app), uninstall it, and leave a 1-star review complaining about how it requires signing up. Bonus points for calling it a scam. I understand how it can be annoying to find out the app is not what one expected, but at the same time the app never claims to be stand-alone, and it clearly says so in the description. Astiga is pretty unique in that sense (which is why I created it in the first place - if there was a good alternative, I'd gone with that), so it seems that people don't expect that, and download it with the wrong expectations. I am not sure what I can do to make that clearer.

    Another reason is that people tend to leave angry reviews quicker than if everything works alright - just like I am mostly dealing with things in Astiga that do not work correctly, as opposed to everything that functions without a problem. The app doesn't have one of those "Please leave a review" pop-ups either, because I personally dislike them.

    Then there are people who experience bugs, or lack features. Those are generally not 1-star reviews, but 2 or 3. Back in the day I would actually respond to those, but the Google Play reviews format is terrible for those kind of conversations, as the amount of characters is extremely limited, and the possibility for interaction is rather low. That's why I moved that to here (and e-mail), and now ignore Google Play reviews - that does not invalidate their content, they are often justified (although the cause may not always be Astiga). However, I do need to organise them, as I otherwise lose track of them (which still happens at times). Plus in the past some (by far not all) have used their review as a form of ransom, and whilst I want to stress that it does not happen often, it is really annoying when it does happen. My absence there also means that those reviews will probably not change, thus decreasing the rating.

    At least Astiga is on par with Apple Music, which also has a 3.7 rating. I am personally not too worried about what rating it has, although I would of course like it to be a 5/5.

  • Give it time... The current GPM/YTM is horrifying a lot that will hopefully come to you 😊

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    I was about to create a thread like this when I joined Astiga too. I was shocked to see the reviews. For some reason, this app seems to attract some not-so-bright folk.

    It is not that Astiga is perfect. But the negative reviews rant about completely invalid stuff. They criticize something about the app that is not the function of the app nor was it ever promised in the description.

    I just checked and saw that there are some new positive reviews. That's good.

    Also Koen's point about people being more likely to leave feedback when unhappy than when happy is on point. But that's a bug in human brain software. Astiga can't fix that.

  • Any way, it´s a great service... I love Astiga

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