(Web player) adding additional songs to a completed playlist will replay the previous track

navethechimpnavethechimp Member
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  1. Create a playlist with at least one song.
  2. Let the last song finish.
  3. Add songs to the current playlist with the (+) button (for example. from the Storage library).

Current Result:

The last song in the playlist prior to adding the new tracks will start playing again, even though you already heard it.

Expected Result:

The playlist continues from where you left off, which would be the newly added tracks.

I know this is a bit trivial, but it's awkward. My primary listening flow is to listen to albums from the Storage library and when they finish to add the next one I want to hear. I either have to keep clearing the playlist or to always skip a song.


  • KoenKoen Member, Former

    Just to be clear: this is with shuffle and repeat turned off, right?

  • navethechimpnavethechimp Member
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    What I think is happening is that clicking the (+) button adds the files to the current playlist and automatically resumes playback on the currently selected track. If you are in the middle of the playlist and audio is paused, then adding additional tracks to the playlist will also resume the audio from where you were paused. Arguably, the tracks should be added without resuming playback, but it doesn't bother me either way. However, if the playlist as finished, the last track remains selected, and audio automatically stops. Therefore, adding tracks resumes audio on the last track (now previous track), even though it has already fully played. So, it plays for a total of two times.

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