Folder sync scans other folders if specified name is substring of another folder

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On the sync page I want to sync the folder 'Animal' so I set the folder to


What happens is that it correctly syncs the Animal folder but it also syncs other folders if they start with 'Animal'. In my case it caused

/Music/Animal Collective

to be synced as well.

The storage is use is connected via Google Drive


  • KoenKoen Member, Former

    Odd, I will look into it. Just from my first initial test, with the following two folders:

    I just get the expected outcome:

    2021-02-15T13:54:27 START  2021-02-15 13:54:27
    2021-02-15T13:54:27 GET    /Føldër/Test2/Animal
    2021-02-15T13:54:32 ADD    Føldër/Test2/Animal/example.ape
    2021-02-15T13:57:29 END    2021-02-15 13:57:29

    So I expect something else is going on than it blindly matching the substring.

  • Thank you for looking into it.

  • Not sure if this is helpful to know but my sync setting is/was:

    Force [ ] Force refresh everything, even items that are already added

    Remove [√] Remove entries for files that no longer exist

    Email [ ] Send email after the synchronisation has finished

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