Albums with the same name appears grouped.

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Hi, not sure what causes this behavior:

I have the habit of adding musics to my library in an album called "From The Web" whenever I download something and store it under the artist ID.

I would do this for many different artists but not as one compilation album. Ie:

Artist 1/From The Web/

Artist 2/From The Web/

Artist 3/From The Web/

However, when I add the album to the play list, or when I try to show the album, all the songs from all the albums "From The Web" from all the artists show as one big compilation.


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    Make sure the album artist tag is set. When it is present, it will group by the album name and album artist; without it, just the album name will be used. I don't believe the artist tag itself is sufficient, as it could cause an album to be split up unnecessarily when an album has different artists (A, A feat. B., A feat. C, etc.).

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  • Tags will do it and I'd also suggest for absolute clarity putting the album title like 'artist - from the web'.

  • stevensonjrstevensonjr Member
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    Thanks 💪, I'll give it a try.

    Just to be sure, if I do it in ITunes, astiga will catch all the changes?

  • KoenKoen Member, Former
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    I would assume so, yes. So far I have not heard of any case where it was otherwise.

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