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Dear all,

Dropbox recently updated their third-party app integration, which affects Astiga as well. Dropbox now allows for more fine-grained access levels to your storage, meaning that Astiga now no longer has write access as well. However, this does require you to reauthenticate your Dropbox storage.

What you need to do

You need to relink your Dropbox to Astiga if you added your Dropbox account before 2021-02-25. You can do so in these simple steps:

1) Click the pencil icon next to your Dropbox storage on the home page

2) Click the "Get token" button

3) Grant Astiga access to your Dropbox

4) Copy the entire token string to the "Token" field above.

5) Click "Save storage".

That's all there is to it. Your old key will keep working till 2021-09-30. After that it will no longer be supported, and you may need to re-authenticate.

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