Force refresh everything does not do what I would think it would do

cchcch Member

Consider following scenario:

  1. I upload some tracks
  2. Astiga scans and adds them for me
  3. I decide to change some meta tags within those music files locally, and upload them to my Google Drive to replace those that are already uploaded
  4. I run a scan and since the file name of these tracks hasn't changed I select the "force refresh everything" option
  5. The result is that I don't see those meta tag changes in my library , so I am wondering what this option actually does.

I would expect that Astiga deletes those files and re-adds them, which would cause the meta tag changes to appear.


  • I up this. I did not try yet but will need it soon. I'm interested in this topic.

  • KoenKoen Member, Former

    Force refresh was not necessary in this case - a normal refresh also includes all changed files.

    Did you see the "ADD /a/b/c.mp3" in the log file? Or did it show an error?

    If it does show ADD ..., then the question remains why it did not work:

    • You changed the metadata in Astiga, in which case outside file changes will be ignored.
    • You did not sync your files to Google Drive, or did not save the metadata.
    • There is a bug in Astiga.

    If it's not one of the first two, then send me an email with which files were not synced properly, and I will look into it.

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