Library Organization Request


Hello everyone,

this is regarding the web page version of the software:

is it possible to have the album library not divided by letter, but just as a single page similar to the app?

is it possible to add an "Album Artist" Library ?



  • KoenKoen Member, Former
    edited March 2021

    The album artist and artist page are mixed - so you should see both in there.

    There is album page that is not divided by letter here: (button is on the top right). Showing all album art is generally not possible, as your browser does not like loading all those images at once.

  • DNLTDNLT Member

    thank you for the reply!

    do you think will it ever be possible to toggle between album artist or artist or both?

    I understand the burden loading of all the images, would it be poossible to cache them, so the loading happens only once? or load as you scroll?

    I feel it would really improve my usage of the site.

    I appreciate the service of this app.


  • Same here, another idea is make the album art bigger so it only shows 4 albums per row, to give the browser more breathing room in terms of images loaded.

    If you look at it's pretty much perfect, it's only missing sorting options

    Album list that looks like + sorted hierarchically by ArtistName(ReleaseDate(AlbumName)) will look the best in terms of UI/UX, maybe limit the albums to 20 per page, and the page indicators are alphabets instead of numbers (e.g. [A-F] [G-L] etc.)

    My album folders have a cover.jpg in them so maybe the web app can be updated to pull images from those

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