Continue Playing where I left off

When listening to longer files, like audiobooks, it would be great to have possibility to continue playing where one left off on device, or browser.

When I move from my car (where I listen on device) I must remember which part I have been listening to and what minute exactly, so I can find the correct file and minute when I log on through browser at work. Or when I have no time to listen for few days I don't remember the exact minute where I left off.


  • I could not agree more and I am concerned that your post is from over a year ago and that this functionality is not in the Android app. It's a critical feature for both audiobooks and podcasts.

  • gravelldgravelld Administrator

    We should support "bookmarks" - this might be a manual way of doing this. Have you tried that?

  • Using bookmarks is the better way to do that

  • Continuing where you left off is the better way of doing things. I cannot speak for others, but I switch from podcasts or audiobooks while driving and why on earth would I want to take the time to manually create a bookmark before switching to music. On the app, the bookmark feature does not work for me. I'll experiment some more.

  • Gravelld, one of your other posts led me to other Subsonic players and I found Booksonic. I just played with it a little bit and at least it provides a means of properly handling audiobooks and podcasts using your Subsonic server. Not the ideal solution (one app would be ideal) but it works.

  • gravelldgravelld Administrator

    Awesome! Well found. I've tweeted about that project before I think.

    So you can use the Booksonic client to auto create bookmarks so it starts where it left off?

  • Correct. Booksonic seems like a good interim solution for those of us who have tons of audio podcasts and books. The app is only a few dollars. I think I actually read about it in one of your blog posts talking about ownership of the company and there was a Q&A section.

    One of your support people (Dan) resolved an authentication issue with podcasts for me this morning. Currently, your podcasts only support unauthenticated podcasts (no username and password field).

    If your niche is audio, do all things audio better than everyone else. The ability to directly support authenticated RSS feeds is an important feature for those of us who listen to subscription-based Podcasts as are the controls and features for Podcasts and audiobooks.

  • gravelldgravelld Administrator

    @gravelld is Dan btw :-D

  • That is too funny. Thank you!

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