In the "Overview" section, how does the system calculate most played albums?

Does it increment a "play" for the album each time a song is added to the play queue, each time a song is started, finished? It seems like albums with a large number of tracks show up in my Most Played list more often than they should.

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    Every time a song is loaded*, an entry is added to the database. For each song the album is retrieved, then a tally is made, and sorted by highest play count. It does not take the album size or any of those things into account, which may skew the results if you mainly play albums, and their length varies quite a bit.

    * Loaded means you request the file from Astiga. This also includes caching songs in the app, and caching the next song in the web player, even if you do not play them. Playing a cached file does not request the file again, so playing one song on a loop does not count.

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    If I select a new song and I play it on my device 5 times and it caches it the first time it plays, does it increment 5 plays, or just one since it is only going to request it from the server once?

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    Just once

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    That explains the behavior I'm seeing perfectly - thank you for such a quick response, and also for such fantastic software!

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