Unable to play any song anymore

Since 2 days I am unable to play a song on my smartphone (Samsung S10 Lite) device, it always stays at "Downloading - 0 B".

When I go to "Test connection" in my account settings it just says "Connection is OK". I can also refresh my album/artist lists and open any album or song, they only don't play when queueing them.

I'm using beta version, am a premium member, and connect to my pCloud library. Tried switching between my local wifi at home and 4G+, but that didn't change anything. Rebooted app multiple times, even rebooted my device.


  • Playing songs on https://play.asti.ga/ doesn't work either.

  • nononolimitsnononolimits Member
    edited April 2021

    Ok, noticed that my Access token field in pCloud settings was empty so made a new token and pasted it in my settings.

    Everything works again now.

    But when I go into settings again, the Access token field is still empty (better to fill the field with ******** or something to show that there is a connection?) even though everything works now. Maybe also add ability to check if pCloud access is working or not? And why was token invalid in the first place? I didn't change anything to these settings.

    Also maybe show a message that access to pCloud is lost when trying to play a song, in stead of just hanging at "Downloading - 0 B"?

  • KoenKoen Member, Former
    edited April 2021

    It seems like you have stumbled upon one of the many things still on my todo list.

    Strange that your pCloud token stopped working - that should only happen if it is revoked, pCloud had an error, or if you changed your pCloud password (which I believe invalidates your token as well, not 100% sure about that).

    Anyhow, yes, I agree that finding out what's wrong is rather opaque at the moment. It does show it on https://play.asti.ga/storage/storagename, but that is probably not the first place to look. You should now get an email when that happens.

  • If you can show it on https://play.asti.ga/storage/storagename, can't you show it on other pages as well then? An email helps, but to show it right away when issue occurs is even more helpful, I'd guess.

  • KoenKoen Member, Former

    That would have been my first choice, but given all the different places this can happen, this seems like the safer option. It is somewhat tricky to pass an error message if you are requesting an audio file for example. I also fixed a case where it'd invalidate your token if someone else's token would become invalid at the same time, so it should now happen less frequently (although it did not happen that often to begin with).

  • Fair enough. Thanks for the quick response!

  • nononolimitsnononolimits Member
    edited February 2022

    Exact same thing happened just now.

    And this time, even renewing my pCloud token doesn't work, I'm just stuck at this screen:

  • Ok, problem seems to be with pCloud itself right now. Am not able to log into my account there atm (did still work up until fifteen minutes ago or so).

  • pCloud confirmed they had some issues yesterday. It's all fixed again now though.

  • Thanks, that's helpful.

  • gravelldgravelld Administrator

    @nononolimits @Coyley thanks - an old colleague used to call modern IT "a teetering tower of complexity" - there are many different things that can go wrong!

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