Bulk-Import Playlists from *.fpl

when i'm at my normal PC i use foobar2000 which saves playlists as *.fpl files, and i use astiga when i'm away. it's personally pretty irritating to have to manually re-add my playlists to here, since it's just over 500 songs and would likely take me hours. if playlists could be imported via the *.fpl files it would save me lots of time and be aLOT more convenient. :)


  • KoenKoen Member, Former
    edited April 2021

    Just so you know, Foobar2000 can also export your playlists as .m3u8. Hold shift, click File -> Save all playlists...

    Problem is that Foobar2000 stores all playlists with absolute paths (including .fpl), which Astiga does not support (as Astiga does not know where C:\Users\Bob\Music\example.mp3 is; it cannot look on your local disk). That said, you can manually change that to relative paths, or do it automatically using something like https://gist.github.com/Koenvh1/1e4793595e78724aba2b680c8bac37e4

  • poyopoyo Member

    didn't know this but i'll keep it in mind! thanks for the comment :)

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