Blank album covers

Hi. Album covers have disappeared.

Any advice?


  • cchcch Member

    Same for me, probably a server issue

  • It´s not the first time...

    Hope the admin solve it soon. As always.

  • Same for me. Yesterday evening a few disappeared, but now it's only a few that still have them.

    They do all still seem to be there on the phone app, only the web app seems affected (for me at least).

  • Good Lord, so I'm note alone fighting with this bug :) I thought I had misplaced files or something. Hope it gets fixed soon.

    I noticed 2 things: covers disappear, and sometimes each track has two copies, one with the artwork appearing, the other without it. And both files are played one after the other. Quite upsetting!

  • KoenKoen Member, Former
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    Sorry about that, it should now be working again.

    I was changing the cover art permissions from per-file permissions to a global policy, because if I want to change anything, I have to change that for ~2.5 million files, which takes over 24 hours to do. That started sometime yesterday, and is still running now. Turns out however that my new policy is a bit too restrictive in who gets access, and who doesn't :-)

    As for why it doesn't affect the app: the flows were a bit different. Previously when you would ask Astiga for the cover art for X, the app would say "I will go get it for you", and then provide you the cover art, whereas the web app would say "sure, you can find it there", and then your browser would get it from the source. That distinction is now no longer there.

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  • Thank you!

  • Little heads-up:

    I noticed that on the (official) Windows app I had to manually remove the cache (located in C:\\Users\<user>\AppData\Roaming\Astiga) before the album covers would show up again. The same counts for my AUR version (where it's located in /home/<user>/.config/astiga-nativefier) but that's less relevant I guess (although I guess a similar thing goes for the official SnapStore version). I removed all contents in the folder, but only the Cache folder should be enough theoretically.

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