Network error?

kees54kees54 Member

Since awhile I get a NETWERK ERROR when I choose at ALBUM lists for STARRED or at ARTISTS lists for TOP RATED.

Am I the only one? 


  • poyopoyo Member
    edited April 2021

    not necessarily but i'm having network issues all around. songs' / albums' art never loads, the songs only do after a while. maybe it's an issue with the server, since this hasn't happened for me?

    album lists work for me on mobile and web but the songs themselves don't load until after some time (and the songs' art takes a while to as well)

    edit: most of the problems i'm experiencing are on the web app. only about 1/3 of the songs i have loaded have cover art, and the ones that don't often don't want to play (an infinite load, if not just very long). meanwhile, the mobile app is working mostly fine; it was a little weirder when i was first writing this comment but now it's working a lot better.

  • I like the app very much, almost everything works fine, the only thing that does not work is what I wrote.

    Maybe the speed of your Network is not good enough?

  • poyopoyo Member

    i've used astiga for months where i'm at now, under the same wifi, and everything else is working as fine as it always has. it's just astiga's web app having issues, and i'm not really sure why, since it's always worked fine until now

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