Capture key SPACE input as play/pause

I am super used to use the space bar to play and pause youtube videos for example and I catch myself trying to do that as I play music on Astiga.

Would be a minor change but very convenient as it requires little to no mental charge to just hit the space bar to stop or start the music instead of hovering the mouse onto the button. 😚


  • KoenKoen Member, Former

    How do other web players do that? Because the space bar also scrolls down the screen, and having it do both would be confusing.

  • cchcch Member

    Spotify, Youtube, Soundcloud and former GPM use it for play/pause without scrolling.

  • poyopoyo Member

    Astiga already uses "p" for pausing/playing via keyboard, i'm pretty sure

  • KoenKoen Member, Former

    It does, but the P key isn't as common as the space bar for pausing/playing. At least, my first intuition would be the space bar as well. The problem is that the space bar is used for other things as well, and I don't want to cause any issues for for example visually impaired people, or people unable to use a mouse/touchpad.

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