Some ogg/vorbis files not loading

borisboris Member

When I synced my library some files were listed as "FAILED"

  ERROR  This file does not appear to be an audio file

but the files play fine on other software. All the failed files were ogg/vorbis, but many ogg/vorbis files loaded just fine.

Any suggestions on how to debug this?


  • KoenKoen Member, Former

    There are generally three causes:

    1. A server temporarily cannot serve the file. If that's the case, it should work later. You can test that by just playing the file.
    2. Astiga has difficulties with the file name (e.g. special characters like |, +, [, '.). You can test that by renaming the file.
    3. The file actually is not an audio file. Basically your OGG file is actually a video, which happens at times (in the case of animated cover art, or sometimes cover art actually being a video rather than a still frame). This is a bit trickier to determine, though one indication is that your media player (e.g. VLC) will generally show the playlist when opening an audio file, and the cover art in full screen if it is a video file.

  • borisboris Member

    Hm, it's not looking like any of those explain what I'm seeing.

    I'm doubtful it was a temporary server failure since it happened to all tracks from certain albums, but albums imported before and after from the same source (Dreamhost S3 bucket) were fine.

    File names include very simple ones like:

    The Jazzabels/cafe_all_day/gravity.ogg

    They appear to be pure audio:

    $ file The\ Jazzabels/cafe_all_day/gravity.ogg
    The Jazzabels/cafe_all_day/gravity.ogg: Ogg data, Vorbis audio, stereo, 44100 Hz, ~128003 bps, created by: Xiph.Org libVorbis I (1.0)
  • KoenKoen Member, Former
    edited May 2021

    ffprobe -v quiet -print_format json -show_format -show_streams file.ogg

    It should contain one audio stream, and if there is a video stream, attached_pic should be 1. There may not be a different video stream.

  • borisboris Member

    Thank you, ffprobe seems to be a good tool to debug this. It looks like there is something corrupted in the files.

    $ ffprobe -v error -print_format json -show_format -show_streams The\ Jazzabels/cafe_all_day/take_my_advice.ogg
    [ogg @ 0x55ff2d329500] Header processing failed: Invalid data found when processing input
    The Jazzabels/cafe_all_day/take_my_advice.ogg: Invalid data found when processing input

    I guess VLC etc are just ignoring whatever the problem is. I will try to get clean copies of these tracks.

    Thanks for your help!

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