Enjoying Astiga immensely

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Hi Koen and everyone here at the community,

I'm a few months into my use of Astiga Premium now and just wanted to send a message of appreciation.

I have circa 100,000 tracks stored on Pcloud connected to Astiga, which I run across four Android devices. These devices then stream via Google Chromecast or occasionally bluetooth.

It works wonderfully and gives me lots of tools to use for categorising the music (genres, playlists, starred).

I no longer look back to Google Play Music and appreciate the great app I'm using.

So this message is nothing more than to say, thank you and carry on.

Best wishes


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  • KoenKoen Member, Former

    Happy to hear :-)

  • cchcch Member

    I can only agree. I started collecting music during the iTunes days , then switched to GPM and after its closure I was about to give in to evil Spotify. Glad I found Astiga instead.

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