Data usage while streaming to phone

Just reaching out to see what everyone's streaming data looks like. I've just recently started using Astiga (beginning of May) as my primary music option on my Pixel 4. I'm streaming my 42gb collection from Google Drive, and I noticed that in a month's time, of on an off usage (2-3 days a week of around 5hrs a day) I've racked up 22gb in data usage. This would mean that I've listened to approx. 50% of my collection, which certainly can't be correct.

Is there a setting that I'm missing that would minimize the amount of data draw, or is this par for the course?



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    Based on what you have said, that would result in 22 / (2.5 × 3 × 4) = 0.73 GB per hour, which is indeed quite on the high side.

    One thing you can check is whether phone sync is turned on (Settings -> Phone sync), which can result in high data usage. Additionally, you can check your cache settings (Settings -> Cache/Network). Depending on the settings, you either preload a lot of songs that you don't play, or throw away a lot of songs that you will play again, increasing data usage. By default Astiga caches quite a lot, which can result in quite a high data usage (although syncing should by default only happen over WiFi).

  • Thank you for the reply. I'll check the settings and give that a try

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