Astiga removing sync, can't listen to any music anymore

CambionnCambionn Member

So this morning I opened Astiga to the shock of finding messages that no albums were found, and going to other pages I just find the same, there's nothing there. I did a manual sync just in case but it doesn't seem to do much. For a second I had my library back just to see it disappear again as soon as it came back. It's been like that for a while now, sometimes reappearing just to disappear about a few seconds later.

This also makes the phone app fail to load any file as it has lost its synchronization. Meaning I can't listen to music at all on any of my devices.

My Onedrive is still filled like normal, and when browsing through the storage interface I can see all the files. Astiga just seems to have removed and refuse to redo any synchronization.


  • Now I've been struggling for about an hour or so with it before posting, and after posting it seems to have solved itself. Not sure how or why this happened tho.

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    My bad - should now be working properly again. Disk space was running out again, and proper disk space monitoring was still on my todo list (which should now be done as well). This caused some intermittent issues.

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  • CambionnCambionn Member
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    That explains, good to know it's just a small issue. I had just added some CDs yesterday evening that I got in yesterday so I was almost afraid something was wrong somewhere with the storage or something but didn't see anything unusual. It's working again indeed. Been listening to my music since. I guess I'm either unlucky or a heavy user, to use the service often when a small issue like this comes up haha.

    In the end I'm still a very happy user, despite something stuff like this happening sometimes!

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