pCloud region set to US when EU location set during Astiga account creation

JonJon Member


I created Astiga account about an hour ago and set location to Latvia which is part of EU. Enabled checkbox "I also want to sign up for pCloud and accept their Terms of Service (optional)". After checking pCloud settings, I noticed that region is United States. pCloud can perform region change, but it is not free so just deleted account and will create it again later to be in EU region.

Is this a bug or expected? If it's expected that region is always is US, maybe a disclaimer could be put either in sign up page or at least https://asti.ga/#pcloud that is mentioned during sign up?


  • KoenKoen Member, Former

    Hi Jon, I can explain why that happens - back when pCloud integration was added (2018ish), only the US region existed, thus it was not really a matter of picking the US region, as there was only one region, that happened to be in the US. The EU region is a relatively recent addition for pCloud (it's now a year old or so). Whether you want to call it a bug or expected is thus a bit complicated.

  • JonJon Member

    Hmm interesting, currently their site makes you think they are primarily EU based (Switzerland), I guess there was a change in their org. Honestly have never heard of pCloud, discovered it only when signing up for Astiga.

    In either case what do you think about mentioning pCloud region during creation? Most people most likely would not care, but in my opinion this would be a simple thing that could improve user experience for some. The only downside could be a reduced income from pCloud referral bonus :)

    Ideally if there could be a choice during Astiga account creation. https://docs.pcloud.com/ mentions 2 endpoints. As I understand https://eapi.pcloud.com/register would be correct call for EU region account creation. Maybe this could be looked into for future development?

  • KoenKoen Member, Former

    Starting from yesterday (2021-08-06) it is not my decision to make - I can only explain why I made the decision I made back in the day. Here is an article about the new pCloud data region: https://www.cloudwards.net/pcloud-eu-server/ which is dated July 2020.

    (By the way, not to be pedantic, but Switzerland is not in the EU)

  • gravelldgravelld Administrator

    @Koen is the current integration tied to a region then? We could maybe just add multiple accounts for different regions and use the location indicated by the browser to choose a good default.

  • KoenKoen Member, Former

    @gravelld Not really, it defaults to the US as region (because it uses the US endpoint). You would simply have to pick the endpoint dynamically (based on the user's choice or location), and then store the region for that user, so the right endpoint is chosen when making future requests.

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