Scrobbling to isn't working anymore

Both on app as in webbrowser, when playing a song, it doesn't scrobble to anymore. Tried removing my connection and connecting again, but still nothing comes through.

Anyone else has this issue?


  • Ah, it seems to be working again today when I play new songs. But all my old scrobbles of last few days still aren't showing.

  • gravelldgravelld Administrator

    It's odd that it's just the last few days. When we did the transfer of ownership we had to move the account, but this was done over two weeks ago...

    Are you sure it's working again now?

  • To be honest, I was on holiday for some time and haven't been using Astiga during this period. 18th of august was last time I scrobbled succesfully and I think that after that day I only started using Astiga again on 29th of august. But the scrobbles from 29th of august up until today are missing. Only those after I've disconnected and connected again to on are showing up again.

  • gravelldgravelld Administrator

    Only those after I've disconnected and connected again to

    I think this is the key - by reconnecting the new connection has been re-established. I believe this may need to be done by everyone - I should see if I can put a note in the UI.

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