Icedrive Encrypted Folder

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Is it possible to sync my encrypted folder to Astiga?

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  • Damn autocorrect, astiga, not astigmatism

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    Icedrive supports WebDAV, so you could try this:

    We have a "preset" for Icedrive on the add storage page, so you just need to fill in your username and password.

  • Doesn't work with my encrypted folder. Moot point anyways because the music sounds like shit streaming directly from the cloud in my car.

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    I don't fully understand. Is an "encrypted folder" an option for a folder within Icedrive? Or is it not just standard for all folders?

    AIUI Icedrive encrypts everything on the client. If that's the case, how can a WebDAV client decrypt it (I'm thinking aloud here!).

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