Two new Astiga-compatible apps

gravelldgravelld Administrator

In the last few weeks I've discovered a couple of new Subsonic compliant (and therefore Astiga compatible) apps. I wondered if anyone would like to try them out?

The first is a macOS only desktop app, Soundwaves. I was contacted by the developer who introduced the app, and I thought it was an interesting option for macOS desktop control.

The second is Sonixd, another desktop player but this time cross platform. This is much earlier in development, but looks like quite a nice UX.

You can use these with Astiga by providing your username and token (see to the app.

Let me know your thoughts!


  • kevinkevin Member

    I have been using Sonixd for a few weeks, I'm quite happy with it!

  • gravelldgravelld Administrator
    edited August 26

    Thanks for the recco! What do you like about it (also compared to the official Astiga Web/app?)?

  • To me the main advantages compared to the web version:

    • I don't have to find back on which tab is Astiga when I want to do something
    • Media hotkeys work better
    • Navigation is faster (I use a lot to just listen to a random playlist, and the page takes forever to load sometimes, because there are hundreds on song loaded when opening the page and each song's cover has to be downloaded)
    • Ability to drag and drop songs in the listening queue
    • The app itself has a lot of customization options

    I don't have devices compatible with the Astiga app so I'm not sure how it compares

  • gravelldgravelld Administrator


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