Two albums with same name but by different artist are grouped

I have 2 artists that both released an album with same name in my library:

Wally Badarou - Echoes

Frank Harris - Echoes

At the moment the album Echoes is mentioned once in my album list, and when I select it, it groups all songs from both artists together. I don't want this happening, I'd rather have the album Echoes listed twice, once per artist.

Can this be fixed?


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    I'll add this, thanks.

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    Ok, I looked into this. It turns out this is already supported, if you use the ALBUM_ARTIST field and resynchronise.

    The actual field name to use depends on the file format. For more, see

    There is more we could do here - interpreting the existing ARTIST tags for example - but I want to leave this for now while I consider how to integrate bliss, because that might make for a much more powerful and reusable solution.

  • Thanks for looking into this!

    Ok, so what went wrong here, as I always add "album artist" tags to all my flac and mp3 files?

    But when checking Astiga metadata editor the "Album artist" isn't filled in:

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    Thanks for looking for that. It looks like we look for albumartist but this can vary slightly in FLAC/Ogg tags. Do you know the exact field name, or could you send me the file to ? Possible variations: album artist or album_artist.

    The metadata editor is not showing the tags in the file per se - it's showing the tags we've previously extracted from the file, during synchronisation. Therefore, if we don't look in the right place to begin with, it won't show in the editor.

  • Sorry, didn't notice you replied again.

    How can I look up this exact field name?

    I've ran one of the files through and got:

    Do you still need me to send some files as example, or is this enough to work with?

  • gravelldgravelld Administrator

    It's not clear, because it's showing the abstracted field name rather than the actual field name. Can you get in touch via and I can send you a Dropbox folder to upload it to?

  • Ok, I've sent a mail to

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    Yeah, it looks like the field name here is `ALBUM ARTIST`. I changed them to ALBUMARTIST and uploaded them back for you in a ZIP file. Can you try uploading those to your storage and synchronising that folder? Obviously it's only the two tracks for each album that you uploaded that I changed - tracks one and two.

  • Yes, those are correct now. But I still don't really know why this was happening for these specific files and how I can see this or change this myself?

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    You have tags inside a music file, and fields inside those tags. Each field has a name. For FLAC the names are no prescribed in any way, and `ALBUM ARTIST` is different to ALBUMARTIST because of the whitespace.

    In your original files the field name used is the former. But Astiga only checks the latter field name when it syncs, and then saves that to the Astiga database, and so the "Album artist" field you see in Astiga is not populated.

    To change it yourself, use a tagger like MP3Tag or bliss to change the value to ALBUMARTIST . Then you have to re-upload and re-sync.

  • Ok, I see now, I've been using Tag&Rename as a tool for editing my music files. I now tried your suggestion and indeed, I immediately see now that I can edit ALBUMARTIST as a field.

    Tested it out and that did the trick.

    A thousand times thanks, Dan!

  • gravelldgravelld Administrator

    Thank you for bringing this to my attention - it should work with ALBUM ARTIST really. Ticket added.

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