Some Requests To Add To the User Experience


  • In the browser, folders may show covers/art from files/songs inside of those folders (even multiple levels deeper)
  • A way for song titles to be scrollable [without clicking/playing] (scroll on PC, long hold on name for mobile?)


  • Pictures next to title text (like on PC)
  • A Way to 'lock' playlist editing (so that playlists aren't accidentally modified)
  • 'Go to artist,' 'Go to album,' and similar ways to navigate through queued songs or playlist songs


  • Selecting Multiple Songs During Playlist editing (multi-drag/reorder, delete, etc)

I understand that these may already be in the works or may not be worthwhile in some sense or even just at the moment, but I wanted to share. Thanks for doing what you do to keep this app running and improving!


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