Astiga user survey

I've just got the Astiga user survey in my mailbox and am extremely worried by the first question that is presented there:

"How would you feel if you could no longer use Astiga?".

My answer is, obviously, very disappointed.

I do hope this is not an idea that is on the table? It took me years and years to find a tool with which I could easily listen to my music wherever I want. You can't believe how many other options I have tried and I was far from satisfied with. I would so hate to see this solution go, I use it every day.


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    You're the second recipient who has asked me this, so I guess this needs explaining publicly.

    TL;DR: the service is not being withdrawn.

    The reason for the question is to measure how important and essential the product is to its users. How well it solves their problems, how essential it is to their lives.

    When I know enough users would be "very disappointed" to see Astiga go, I know I can concentrate on certain things. Combined with the data on "who is the ideal customer" and the good/bad things, I can decide what the main focuses of product development and marketing should be.

    You can read more about the basic framework I'm using here:

    I hope that makes it clear. Feel free to ask further questions!

  • gravelldgravelld Administrator

    By the way, I'm getting some great feedback from these surveys, and the response rate is very high. So thanks to all who have received an email and responded!

  • Thanks for clearing this up.

  • Thanks for the explanation. I got a shock when I read that too.

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