ID3 Tags

Searching for artists, songtitles and albums to add songs to playlists works fine. But searching for the ID3 tag "year" doesn't give any results.

For example, to popular songs from this year I have added "2021" in the "YEAR" ID3 tag. When I search my library for "2021", I don't get any results in the web application. When I search in the mobile app, about 10 songs show up.

Is this tag not searchable in Astiga? If not, is there an overview of tags that are searchable?

Or am I doing sth wrong?


  • gravelldgravelld Administrator

    On first glance, I can't see right now why the year would not be searched for the web player. The web player and the app do have different entry points for search, but they soon share the same code that performs the actual search. I need to put some more time into understanding why they diverge.

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