How long does premium take to activate after it charges your card? Bought premium a few times, even got charged more than once and it still says I have a standard account.


  • yeah I was charged 4 times yesterday and still have a standard account, I did change my email before and verified it so i wonder if that could be the issue? Ive bought premium before with no issues.

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    Please try and get back as I have no idea what to do, was charged 4 times for premium because I saw after each time it still said standard account so I thought it wasn't going through but i was getting charged, just wondering if there's anyway to reclaim my premium spent like x4 the regular amount and still have a standard account.

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  • It's Chrtistmas so sure the moderator will assist when back around.

    I wouldn't keep re-doing it and certainly don't again. If the first didn't work, you need some assistance. Doing it again isn't going to achieve a different outcome.

  • I got it fixed. It seems to prefer paypal over using just my card, even if i use the same card that wouldn't work by itself it does through the PayPal option so i got that sorted out.

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    Hi - sorry about the slow reply, support is being checked less often over the Christmas period.

    I've replied to you via email, let's straighten things out there.


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