Premium not re-syncing music?

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I've uploaded some new music to pCloud and, a few hours later, Astiga still doesn't list them in my library.

This has happened twice.

Am I misinterpreting what "Automatic library synchronisation every hour" means? That does mean a rescan, right?

(I also saw that, though the emails properly say my one-time purchase is almost up, the recurring button on the premium page says "unsubscribe". Don't think that's right; I shouldn't be charged again if I understand correctly.)



Edit: I was able to nav to my new folder (in an artist folder whose other contents are in Astiga) from the link to my pCloud library and add that new album to my playlist, but the tracks are still not in the Artists -- [Artist Name] section in Astiga's main UI. Nor will they play when I select them in Astiga.


  • gravelldgravelld Administrator

    Hi. Currently, when retrieving the contents of your folder, we're only getting one folder: `My Music/NOP/Phantogram` (and child folders). Is there any reason that may be the case?

    Regarding auto sync - you don't have Autosync enabled for your storage. Click the pencil icon next to the storage, check the check box, then _Save storage_.

    Regarding Premium, this is an oversight in the UI - basically it just says "if the account is premium, show unsubscribe" regardless of whether you have paid on subscription or not. I'll add this as a bug - thanks.

  • Currently, when retrieving the contents of your folder, we're only getting one folder: `My Music/NOP/Phantogram` (and child folders). Is there any reason that may be the case?

    When it didn't update automatically, I went into that specific directory from Astiga, as there's where I'd added an album, and updated just it so I wouldn't have to wait for it all to refresh. Not sure why it'd continue to refresh just that folder, if it is doing that, however.

    Tried to click "enable automatic synchronization", saw that I was required to get a new access token, clicked "Get token", filled in pCloud user and pass, and got...

           Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'getState')
        at Object.goto (main.js:1)
        at Object.success (common.js:1)
        at h (jscommon.js:1)
        at Object.fireWith [as resolveWith] (jscommon.js:1)
        at l (jscommon.js:1)
        at XMLHttpRequest.c (jscommon.js:1)

    So jammed up there too.

    Well, at least the unsubscribed text was an easy bug to repro!

  • Looks like it's blowing up here (on pCloud's side):

            goto: function(page, callback, state) {
                if (page === $.bbq.getState("page")) { // <<< HERE
                    if (callback) {
                if (callback) {
                    $(HFN.pages.jqEvent).on(page + ".ready.goto", function() {
                        setTimeout(function() {
                        }, 0);
                        $(HFN.pages.jqEvent).off(page + ".ready.goto")
                state = state || {};
                if (page === "login") {
                    var pagesNotToReturnToAfterLogin = ["login", "resetpassword", "setpassword", "changeemail"];
                    var shouldReturnAfterLogin = pagesNotToReturnToAfterLogin.indexOf($.bbq.getState("page")) === -1;
                    if (shouldReturnAfterLogin) {
                        state.returl = window.location.href
       = page;
                $.bbq.pushState(state) // <<< AND HERE

    $.bbq doesn't exist. I can do a $.bbq = {getState: function(){return undefined}}to cheat on the first call, but I'm thinking pushState is probably more important and shouldn't be shimmed out.

    Looks like maybe that's this? GitHub - achingbrain/bbq: Javascript Ninjery

    And it looks like that project is dead, so maybe a cdn died? Don't see anything wacky on the pCloud page where a request fails, though.

    Anyhow, so not sure what's up there.

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    Parts of bbq still exist...

    Though I'm increasingly suspicious that ain't what $.bbq is. Anyhow, sorry. I'm really quitting now. :)

    EDIT: Lied, twice. It's this:

    jQuery BBQ: Back Button & Query Library (

    Maybe I can shim twice.


    Okay, that was weird. After logging in separately and coming back to astiga, I'm finally in with pCloud. Guess I better find some more music to upload.

  • gravelldgravelld Administrator

    Er, ok... thanks for this debugging. What's the current status, so I understand?

  • I am also a Premium subscriber whose sync is set to automatic. I have bulk uploaded 3 times since 1/11/21, but nothing newer than 1/13 is showing up. Does autosync require a new token?

  • gravelldgravelld Administrator

    Yes, when you save with the autosync checkbox enabled, it should request you insert a new token. Did you save, or just click the checkbox? You have to save.

  • I first inserted a new token (not because anything requested it, but merely because it was a blank box). I then hit Save.

    A day later, the newest additions are now appearing. I wrote to you yesterday and moved on with my day. It is not apparent to me when the new items were synced, but all seems to be working now.

    3:22 AM? Yikes. Thank you for your time and fast response.

  • gravelldgravelld Administrator
    edited January 2022

    3:22 AM? Yikes. Thank you for your time and fast response.

    Don't worry, that's your time, not my time (GMT) 😁

    Thanks for the update.

  • Sorry was just curious why it was blowing up.

    Afraid my month of premium was up, so I didn't have another chance to give it a shot, but there was certainly some weirdness getting the token from pCloud.

  • gravelldgravelld Administrator

    Thanks for looking into it - in debugging pCloud's own script you went above-and-beyond what I'd expect!

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