DNS problems for asti.ga

gravelldgravelld Administrator

It looks like the DNS problems we were encountering back in August/September are back.

(DNS is the method by which domain names like "asti.ga" are converted to IP addresses so that your devices can communicate with Astiga's servers - from the user's point of view it's a bit like the old fashioned way of looking up phone numbers in the telephone directory).

I've had a couple of reports of users in SE Asia and Australia not being able to access astig.ga - that includes the web app, access via the mobile apps and the community site (here).

The problem appears to be that DNS servers in those locations are being refused.

I'm looking into this - if there are any DNS experts out there that can help, I'd be only to happy to chat.


  • gravelldgravelld Administrator

    This appears to be solved now. We increased (massively) the TTL settings on our DNS records and it appears to have fixed the issue. It took 45mins for the changes to appear to take effect, but looking good now.

    If anyone continues to have problems, let us know.

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