Google Drive - Astiga NOT seeing shared folders

I have been looking for a solution to play my own music ever since Google play music has shut down.

I have tried Subsonic running from a Raspberry pi at my place and from Google Cloud with MyDrive mounted via OCAMLFUSE. It somewhat works but Subsonic isn't very reliable.

I like the idea of astiga a lot because all my music is already in Google Drive (synced under 'my computer", not actually "my drive").

Because I have advanced protection on the account where my music is at (because there is also a lot of other sensitive stuff) I can't connect to astiga from that Google Drive account. So I shared my music folder to my partner's account and tried connecting from there. But Astiga can't see shared folders when syncing with drive, apparently.

I tried making the shared folder the "initial" and "root" folder by giving it the ID, but that just threw errors.

Any idea how to make it so that Astiga can see the shared folders?



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