Google Chromecast - point of device choice

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The Chromecast support is welcome, which I use every day. I like it's ease and support for high resolution within the Google Home settings. I have six Chromecast audio enabled devices so choose the right one at start of a listening session.

It will be helpful if the connection to the right device could be made prior to going into an album and starting it to play.

Unless I'm missing it, I have to choose the album then the icon appears. In some other apps, you can set it prior to that point.



  • gravelldgravelld Administrator

    No, that's just the way it's written right now. I agree about casting before choosing - that's how I personally use BBC iPlayer, for example.

  • Thanks. Yes it was BBC and Bandcamp specifically that got me thinking on this. The album may of already starting buffering on Astiga when clicking the Cast button, so then it starts again. I'll leave it with you, it's not 'essential' to sort - but you get it.

  • gravelldgravelld Administrator


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