Permanent cache consumes larger storage than expected

I noticed that Astiga app consumes larger storage for permanent cache. The following is an example cache of my file:

  • Server format: m4a
  • Server bitrate: 161 kbps
  • Cached format: m4a
  • Cached bitrate: 1480 kbps
  • Size: 42.92 MB

I stored all of my files as 160 kbps m4a on Google Drive, and I expected caches are the same format as original ones.

Is this intended behavior? Can I control cached bitrate?

Thank you

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    This happens on m4a files. I suppose it's some kind of transcoding on the server.

    It's real that, if you look into the cache directory on the app, the file is downloaded as filename.complete.m4a , but properties of the file are not the same. 7,7 the original file on cloud, 36,7 the transcoded one.


  • Interesting, actually this did not happen on a mp3 file I tried.

    I should consider to use mp3 instead.

  • MP3 doesn't have transcoding. Anyway, I hear no difference on the transcoded file from the original one. It sounds quite good.

  • Yeah, I think so. It is just a matter of storage usage for me. (I'm using Astiga only on my mobile device.)

    It would be great if Astiga itself could support m4a cache in the same format as original one.

    But mp3 works for me as workaround at this moment. Thank you.

  • gravelldgravelld Administrator

    I'll have to double check this, .M4A should be using the AAC codec which I thought the app supported. We do definitely do transcoding in a lot of cases, though.

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