Playback slow/stuck as massive library finishes "ADD" on nearly 14k files...

Hey Astiga!

Loving my first day or so checking this out - when I was checking the early files in my sync last night - no problems with playback as I tested (could quickly see downloading start/turn to buffering/turn to playback in seconds).

Now I notice the "ADD" function is slower than the "GET" and it is probably halfway through the ADD's today (expecting more hours to complete).

As I try to check out some of the stuff I can see on desktop/app versions of the player I am noticing that the apps are stalling: on desktop i've had some success after a lonnng wait - to see some songs play. On mobile app its a bit worse but had 1 track play. So pretty sure my Onedrive key is fine - otherwise nothing would work and the ADD process wouldn't be ticking along!

Curious on expectation set for early days when library is still being updated - is this expected performance? Cause I replaced the key with a regenerated one and notice same behaviour. Maybe there is quota of load/person on Astiga server and so my ADD process is currently slowing down my playback requests?

Will troubleshoot more once I get the email saying the sync process is complete - just curious if you can guide my expectations, tell me if playback stalled completely/super slow is normal in these conditions?


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    If you´re talking about syncing... First you see the GET, and after GETting all the directories, it starts to ADD the files... And ADDing files takes much more time than GETting directories. Is it that what you mean?

    I have around 20000 files. And it took around 24 hours to get synced... Don't remember exactly... But around that...

  • All the ADDs completed overnight last night. I was talking about how it seemed some tracks wouldn't play, especially on the mobile app: Day 1 i could see selections going more quickly from downloading/buffering/playing.

    But then on Day 2 i found things "stalled" on playback a LOT.

    As the library has now got closer to finished on Day 3 and 4 - we're back to more normal expected playback. But for a day or two there was questioning the product as it seemed it wasn't really working to play any of my files reliably - would be "stuck" and stall a long time on desktop, sometimes not play at all.

    Wasn't sure if that was cause of all the action happening on my import/sync

  • gravelldgravelld Administrator

    Thanks for this feedback @Praktik .

    We do have a quota system for syncing - they are queued, plus Premium subscribers get bumped to the top of the queue.

    I find it more likely that the Day 2 issues we a temporary thing due to overall load on the server. Do you have any record of when you tried to play?

  • Thursday was probably the most problematic day, and would have been testing play function on my semi-imported library (with much still in processing still) between 2pm EST and 9pm EST. Wish I could be more precise but was triggering while on business calls and then while on my way to and from the driver's license renewal office ;)

  • Oh and feels normal now!

    But would mention that CloudPlayer seems to be the more responsive "player" - but I like other aspects of Astiga more: the reliability of the platform sync process (easier to see whats up in logs), the way Astiga automatically syncs my collection, desktop player.

    Just noticing the CloudPlayer seems a bit quicker at getting that first bit of audio into your ear after hitting play on something.

    That said, I probably do prefer Astiga overall.

  • gravelldgravelld Administrator

    I think CloudPlayer plays direct from the cloud doesn't it? Astiga doesn't - the music is routed via our servers for transcoding etc.

    Not that that's a good reason - we need to improve this latency.

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