Show Download in menus?

In Android app, in Settings|Appearance, there are three settings that I am uncertain about:

Cache|Show download in menus

Permanent cache|Show Permanent cache in menus

Delete|Show Delete cache in menus

I realize setting/unsetting these will show/not show the respective menu items, but what I unsure of is what they difference is between the first two, and also whether Delete Cache in menus is to delete the specific track from the cache or delete the entire cache.

If I show all 3 of these in menus, what is the difference between choosing Download versus choosing Permanent Cache when looking at a menu on a track?



  • Cache vs permanent cache. The first one can be deleted by the app if cache size runs out the limit. Permanent cache will no get deleted by the app.

    Choosing detele cache on a file, album, playlist... only delete this item.

    To clear cache completely, you have to do it by the app options.

    The options wih the word "Show" means just that. To shoe the option on the menus.

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