Multiple Users?

I tried searching here but searching "users" comes up with a lot of pricing/trial stuff so it was hard to sift through. I'm not sure if this currently is a feature or not so forgive the possible mis-categorization. Right now I have a music library I plan to put on S3 storage and then have tap into. Is it possible to have a second user tap into that library riding off my subscription, or do we each need our own subscription and then is it OK to point both accounts to the same S3 bucket or could that cause file write/read issues?


  • gravelldgravelld Administrator

    Generally speaking, we currently operate on a "fair use" basis which could be defined as allowing you and your household or library owners access to the library on one account. So from what you describe, it's fine.

    If there were multiple individuals gaining separate value from the service, or you were providing commercial services to other individuals who you were giving your login, that might be different.

    Note: this is true of _right now_ but we might change that in the future.

    Astiga is currently read only in terms of its operation (sometimes we might request more permissions from your storage provider but that tends to be because they don't offer the granularity to request read-only).

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