sync not sending notification

I am using web app on Win10. I have done a complete sync twice in past 3 days but never received email to tell me it was complete.

Per the long, the first one took less than 15 minutes:

2022-06-02T20:52:03 START  ... 2022-06-02T21:02:46 END  

While on the sync status web page, I inadvertently started a second sync 45 minutes later. This one took about 12 hours:

2022-06-02T21:49:34 START ... 2022-06-03T10:44:15 END  

My main question is why no email is being sent when sync is complete, I have always received them in the past. The last one was in mid-April. (It is not in spam folder).

A related question is why sync 1 took 15 minutes and then sync 2 took 60-times longer to run. There were no data changes between syncs. I noticed sync problems discussed in a thread last week, which suggested the problems were resolved. Might my issues (no email, long time to sync) be related to that?



  • gravelldgravelld Administrator

    I tried to replicate just the sending of the email and it worked for me.

    I hope you don't mind, but I just tried the same test, sending you an email at about 13:05 BST. Did you receive it? This is a "fake" completion email - there was no actual sync run.

  • gravelldgravelld Administrator

    Regarding the duration differences - this can be down to a lot of things: the demand for sync from other users, the upload/download speed to the storage provider.

    Which of your storage providers are you syncing?

  • Yes, got the "fake" completion email (copied below). But I have not received an email for either of the last two syncs. I just look at the last log and it shows a sync starting at 2022-06-06 13:50:48, lasting about 15 minutes. I did not start this sync, perhaps I have switched on auto sync? If so, I assume those operations don't send emails. I run another manual sync now and see if I get an email.

    My only storage is pCloud. I do realize sync times can vary, not a problem, I only mentioned it in case it was related to the lack of completion emails.

  • The manual sync worked, took 10 minutes, and I got the email on completion. So whatever was wrong last week is resolved.

    As I mentioned, I have automatic sync switched on and it appears to be running OK. Why would I need to run a manual sync? I know there are 2 options for manual syncs (Force refresh everything even items that are already added, and Remove entries for files that no longer exist). Are these options automatically applied for Auto syncs? I seem to recall once I thought I learned that if I make a bunch of changes (e.g., updating tags on existing files, or deleting files/folders), that I need to run a manual sync as auto sync won't pick up deletions or new tags.

    If autosync will do it all, I won't even worry about manual syncs going forward. Again, I currently have (and plan to keep) my entire library in pCloud.


  • gravelldgravelld Administrator

    An auto sync has:

    • Force refresh everything even items that are already added disabled
    • Remove entries for files that no longer exist enabled

    Running a manual sync is principally for when you have made changes to tags inside files, but left the file paths the same.

    Thanks for confirming about the email. I'll look into whether there's a problem around emails being sent after manual sync.

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