Easier folder management please!

My situation is that I have a folder of low res files which I use to sync with my device, and a folder of hi-res files that I would prefer to use for playing through Astiga. Currently, both of these folder are being synced, so when I do a search on Astiga it often pulls up duplicate results. Ideally I'd like to be able to remove low-res file folders from the library where there is duplication, but this is currently really difficult - I believe I need to manually add in every single folder address. For me, who uses /hi res folder/artist name/album title, to dedupe my current library I'd need to do this roughly about 200 times!

As a feature request, I would love it if you could select multiple folders from the folder browser, then remove them from the library in one go. It would still be a bit of a pain, but would still save hours.



  • gravelldgravelld Administrator

    Are the files separated into separate parent folders? If so, have you tried Remove a folder ?

    That should allow you to remove all files from a common parent folder.

    Would another way of achieving this be to add search parameters?

  • Hi, thanks for the reply.

    The "Remove a folder" thing is what I'm doing now, but as I say, I'd need to do this 200 times to remove all the folders I need. There aren't any common parent folders I could safely remove. If I can give an example, I might have a first folder which is the back up of my device, which includes a parent folder:

    Devicebackup/artist name/

    then within that I'd have folders for each (MP3) album, e.g.:

    Devicebackup/Venetian Snares/Infolepsy, Devicebackup/Venetian Snares/Defluxion, Devicebackup/Venetian Snares/Detrimentalist etc.

    I've also got my Hi res folder:

    Hires/artist name/

    and folders for each (FLAC) album within that.

    Supposing I had a hi res version of Infolepsy, at Hires/Venetian Snares/InfolepsyFLAC, I would want to remove Devicebackup/Venetian Snares/Infolepsy from the library so that only the hi res version is indexed. Unfortunately, I don't have hi res versions of Defluxion or Detrimentalist, so if I removed Devicebackup/Venetian Snares/ completely I would lose those two albums from the library.

    I'm not sure how the search parameter idea would work. Maybe what would help is when you do a search, results are split by folder location?

    At the moment, when I search for infolepsy, I get the results from both versions mixed together (I can't seem to post a screenshot sorry) into one double length album, presumably because they have identical tags. If there was a way of discriminating between those two versions on the basis of file type or location, that would make usability easier for me.

    Hope that helps.

  • What about the option to synch HiRes files at a lower bit rate on mobile app? This could solve your problem, so you don't need to duplicate files at different bit rates.

  • gravelldgravelld Administrator

    Thanks, I understand the problem.

    I'm not sure how the search parameter idea would work. Maybe what would help is when you do a search, results are split by folder location?

    I meant the search could be tuned to only look for certain file formats, bitrates, whatever...

  • gravelldgravelld Administrator

    Thanks. I can definitely see how the remove-parent-folder approach has limited effectiveness; I suspect most people don't store their music in that way (for me, my lossless is mixed in with my very old OGGs and MP3s).

  • CoyleyCoyley Member

    I may be missing something, but can't you just set only the Hires folder as the source to sync from in Astiga?

  • Much of my music isn't hi res though, and so not in the hi res folder.

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