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The idea is that I would like to have the opportunity to choose the bit rate of the file. I mean. If I'm at home on a WiFi, at the computer, I would like to play the HiFi flac 192khz 24bits file. But if I'm out, connected to a mobile network, or in the car, I would like to play a transcoded version of the file with a lower bit rate (and file size) So it can be maybe MP3, and can select the bit rate. I think it's a good idea so users can choose the quality depending on the situation each moment, but with only one original file. If I'm not wrong, the original version of DSub has this option, so maybe it could be possible ported to Astiga.



  • gravelldgravelld Administrator

    I assume you mean you want the synced copy to have a different bitrate?

  • Exactly. The option to synch files at different bit rates. Original version of the file when using a WiFi or unlimited conecction. A lower bit rate (and size) on mobile and limited connection. Transcoded by server. I know we have the option to pre cache the files on WiFI, to use them when not connected. But it would be great to have the opportunity to synch files at a lower bit rate when needed.


  • gravelldgravelld Administrator

    Yeah, something like this is something I've thought about for a while. It's a high voted suggestion for bliss (although without the Internet in mind I think) - https://ideas.blisshq.com/forums/21939-bliss/suggestions/2243878-automatic-mirroring-of-music-libraries-to-differen

  • That's the idea. But I think it's not necessary to mirror different versions of the file. Astiga uses ffmpeg to transcode some file formats, so it can be used to transcode all files under some conditions. When the mobile app asks for a file to be synched, it can be synched at the original file format, or transcoded to a lower bit rate depending on user configuration.

    Do you think it's difficult to implement? Mirroring different versions of the file is another option. But this mean a lot of space extra to users.

  • gravelldgravelld Administrator
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    Sync always has gotchas, but if it were constrained enough it wouldn't be especially difficult.

  • Great. It could be very useful. Specially on low speed mobile networks.

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