Dealing with long track names

cchcch Member
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Extremely long track names mess up the album view. Here is an example, a release by artist TCF that has track names with up to 88 characters.


  • It´s on web player, isn´t it?

    Don´t think it´s really a bug. As it´s not usuall to have song names with too much caracters.

    @gravelld can confirm that....

    Have you tried with other players? Can them handle so much caracters on name tag?

  • cchcch Member

    Yes, it's on web player.

    While it might not be common to have such long track names, they do exists. The example I put is an actual release.

  • gravelldgravelld Administrator

    I love metadata edge cases 😁

    See a previous tweet I made:

    Yes, I agree this is a bug, if a rare one.

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