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Since Box killed their old WebDAV support and it’s not always easy (or possible) to use an alternative service to connect Box storage, would it be possible to add native Box support?

I do have a large pCloud account so I wouldn’t otherwise care, but I have a lot of music on old 50GB box accounts already and I’d hate to have to move it all.


  • gravelldgravelld Administrator

    Looks like this is possible, they have quite extensive API docs:

  • Still hoping to see this someday. Native Box support would undoubtedly be more stable than using some sort of proxy service to access Box.

  • gravelldgravelld Administrator

    Yeah. tbh box are bigger than I thought - the number of searches for them are on a similar scale to Dropbox. It would be interesting to know the market share of all the storage services; a naive search brings up over-complicated research reports.

  • CralexCralex Member

    Welp, looks like my workaround for Box access over SFTP is coming to an end. StorageMadeEasy is being shut down so that its parent company can focus solely on enterprise customers. I've been with them as a lifetime member since 2011.

  • gravelldgravelld Administrator

    Thanks for this heads-up. It's difficult to run a consumer facing SaaS.

    I've been with them as a lifetime member since 2011

    Did you pay on the basis of "lifetime" membership?

  • CralexCralex Member

    Looking back on the Internet Archive, they were once young and naive enough to offer lifetime accounts for a single "large" payment. (Hard to tell when they stopped doing this.) In USD, $40 for personal and $60 for business use. I'd love to remember how I heard of them, but somehow I did and I paid the $60 for the business account. This let me connect up to a whopping 30 clouds from various services (even hacky ones like using email storage as a cloud file system for a while) and move files between them using SME's servers, browse them as though they were one big cloud, and access everything using standardized protocols like WebDAV, FTP, and AmazonS3.

    I was far from the most heavy user, as most of my usage was connecting to various clouds over WebDAV. Still, I received incalculable value from this and only managed to get one bandwidth warning email over all these years. They certainly fulfilled the spirit of their "lifetime" commitment.

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    Well, the lifetime of their ownership of the service, yes 😃

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