[android app] some images compress very aliasted

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This seems to have been an issue since I started using Astiga, but some images seem to be compressed in a way that causes huge aliasting, while interestingly enough others don't. However, the worst cases do become quite an eyesore.

I'm not entirely sure what causes some to have this issue and others not. I have yet to find a clear correlation between formats or sizes.

Below you can see that for example, Lapillus and Loona are very aliasted, but Kiara and Lee Jin-Hyuk are fine. Ladies' Code and Le Sserafim seem to have some light aliasting but not too bothersome.

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  • gravelldgravelld Administrator

    Can you view these on the Web app, and do they show the same aliasing?

  • As these are from the placeholder mp3 files which have no metadata (so they don't get shown in the library filling it with useless files, they can only be found by browsing library directly) I checked with the 容 : Face album from Solar as it's album art also has the issue.

    The issue doesn't show up in the web/desktop app viewer, only in the Android app.

  • gravelldgravelld Administrator

    Ok, thanks. So maybe something to do with the way the app is rendering the images. I also wonder if there's some consistency with the images - resolution, codec or similar.

  • Let's see:

    • Kiara: 78.4kB 267x267 jpeg
    • Lady's Code: 190.5kB 530x530 jpeg
    • Lapillus: 199kB 770x770 jpeg
    • Le Sserafim: 135.1kB 640x640 jpeg
    • Lee Jin-Hyuk: 97kB 462x462 jpeg
    • Loona: 206.2kB 770x770 jpeg
    • Solar - 容 : Face: 162.6kB 1000x1000 jpeg

    Based on that it would seem that it happens somewhere around >500x500 resolutions. I will try compressing a few pictures to 500x500 to confirm if that's the issue. But with how many pictures nowadays are 770x770 or 1000x1000 nowadays I think in that case the algoritm might need some changes to support bigger resolutions.

  • gravelldgravelld Administrator

    Agree. I've seen this before though, at higher resolutions, in different projects.

  • CambionnCambionn Member
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    It looks much better but not entire anti-aliasted. Now I'm thinking, maybe the general anti-aliasting/downscale algoritm used when compressing/downscaling isn't suitable, but on smaller images it's just not as bad/visible because there is less compression/downscaling being done in the first place.

  • gravelldgravelld Administrator

    That is correct, plus there are possibly tweaks we can make to the algorithm that gets used.

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