Loop Rarely Works With Google Assistant

I have Astiga working with Google Assistant and a Nest Mini, but the Google voice command for loop only works sporadically...and more times than not, it won't work at all.

What's odd is that I have two different voices interacting with me when I activate Astiga. I have set up my Google Assistant to have a male voice by default, but when I use Astiga, a female voice will usually pop up to ask me what I want to play. When the loop works, the default male voice comes on to loop the song. When the loop does not work, the alternate female voice comes on to say "What song would you like to play?"

I've tried various variations on the loop command, "set loop on" worked once, as did "loop song" but then neither work most of the time.

Thank you


  • gravelldgravelld Administrator

    As far as I can see, there's no explicit "loop" command registered with the Astiga action. There's something for shuffle, but not loop. Maybe it's some sort of default recognition, and because Astiga is being used as a music app it knows how to map the default action of "loop" to the audio player behaviour.

    Does it work better with "repeat" (again, this isn't explicitly registered with Astiga)?

  • "Repeat song" just gets the song restarted, but not looped.

    PS Also, is there a way to request a playlist be played? Can't seem to get that to work either, thank you.

  • gravelldgravelld Administrator

    "Playlist" is configured in the action. You should be able to say something like "Play the Christmas playlist" where "Christmas" is the name of the playlist.

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