Playlist Revision History Feature (Kind of like Google Docs)

Primarily web, but really both web and mobile***

I've almost saved over the wrong playlist a few times when building playlists on the web, and have accidentally modified and lost songs on mobile playlists when both building and using.

So I'd like to suggest a 'revision history' or 'previous versions' function for playlists. As I've also suggested a playlist 'lock' previously, I think somewhere in the UI for playlists ther could be a dropdown giving the ability to choose between 'listen' mode (listen to playlist, but no editing), 'Edit' Mode, and 'History' mode (which would allow the user to change the playlist to previously saved versions of that playlist, but still be able to switch back or to others... maybe 3 to 5 per playlist?).

Also to automate it, if Astiga could periodically check for changes in playlists (perhaps every 24 hours, every month, every X times the playlist is opened or something like that) and provide a little indicator/icons to show if (since the previous version) songs have been added, deleted, and/ or reordered (relative to songs that were present in the pervious version) it could run extremely smoothly. I hope this may be a useful idea. Thanks for always improving Astiga!


  • gravelldgravelld Administrator

    Playlisting is an interesting area to me, mainly because for my own use I rarely use them; I'm more of an album guy.

    I assume, then, that playlist editing is a frequent action for you?

    I don't really understand the purpose of the automation idea in the last paragraph. Surely you know if you edited the playlist previously?

  • Yes, I live by playlists haha. And yes, I do go through periods of relatively frequent playlist editing. Like I go album hunting, pick my favorite tunes and add them to a playlist. On mobile, adding songs is easily enough, but it's also much easier to reorder or remove songs accidentally. On web, adding songs feels a little more clunky having to first add the songs then save it, but I actually like that workflow; the only inconvenience that can potentially occur is saving the playlist over the wrong one (from the dropdown) if you move too fast which essentially erases your other playlist and gives you and old and new version of the one you just saved. Both the mobile and web issues can be solved with a history of sorts.

    The reason for automation (such as check every X days [or other interval] for edits and save a backup if there are)

    is so that when an edit is accidentally made (that the user is unaware of) and a period of time passes, the user can track when the error happened easily and roll back. I personally like to use playlists to work out, and if I accidentally remove a song while holding my phone, I sometimes initially felt like like I was going crazy... like, "wasn't there another song there" or "I swore I added that." Or if you accidentally save a playlist over another while in a rush. User error, but very unforgiving hahaha. This would make it very easy to see when specific changes occurred and inform my decisions later on.

  • gravelldgravelld Administrator

    Sounds like a history would definitely resolve all this.

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