Advanced Playlist Editor Feature (File path management)

One common issue I run into is always having to rebuild playlists if I change a folder name, location, or any aspect of the filepath that a playlist uses to locate a song.

In another post I recently suggested having a dropdown for Multiple playlist modes; 'Listen,' 'Edit,' 'History,' and let's add 'Filepath' mode. Basically this would show the playlist's idea of the filepath for that song.

That way, if there is a missing file or folder along the way, this can be easily alerted or seen.

What would make this truly useful and powerful, though, would be to use the ability to select multiple songs to allow batch editing of things like folder names, inserting parent folders, etc. All selected songs that would be eligible for batch editing would hypothetically have to have all have the same parent folders and path (up to a certain point) which could possibly be managed; also any songs that are selected together and have the same directory should be able to easily be relocated. So I hope this could be a useful addition to astiga's many useful features.


  • gravelldgravelld Administrator

    I agree with this - just the other day I had to manually edit someone's playlist who changed their folder names.

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