Change automatic synchronization time

Currently when you have Auto Sync set, it does it every hour (if you're a premium member). The issue is that the automatic syncing stopped because pCloud through an error, something to the effect of 'too many login attempts from this IP'. So I had to set it to manual sync.

You could have options like sync every 'x' amount of hours or even an option for daily syncs (maybe a certain time of day? Like every night at 2am?), then I could manually do it if I've made changes.


  • KoenKoen Administrator

    Just pointing out: choosing a time yourself will not be possible. The reason is that humans like round times, which means that you'd get a peak at e.g. 15:00, and nothing between 15:30 - 15:59, which isn't really efficient when it comes to server load.

  • What about being able to define an hour long window rather than precise time so the server can load balance based upon how many libraries have requested sync within that block of time? Rather than request a sync at precisely 15:00, I request 15:00-16:00, and at some point in that hour long timeframe, dependent on how many re-syncs the server needs to perform, the server checks and re-syncs any updated libraries for that premium account. That's basically what it already does for premium users, but it does it 24 times a day rather than one defined hour block per day.

  • And what if syncing takes longer than 1 hour?

  • KoenKoen Administrator

    That's quite common. It will check if the previous sync is still running, and if it is, it will not start it again.

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